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You’ve spent your hard earned money and time into that awesome X-Maxx and body. Give it that added protection from the inherent pull through of the mounting bolts.
These are 3d printed from Engineering grade TPU that greatly decrease the potential for pull through and protect your vehicle while adding a color to compliment your design. This design allows the necessary flex over aluminum washers and other designs to increase the pull through force reducing the potential from damaging your X-Maxx body.
Engineered, printed, and tested to optimize function over other available options.
(6) pieces shown of 3D printed TPU Body savers all in the color of your choosing from the drop down list.
Fits Traxxas X-Maxx stock body and possibly others.
Colors that are available: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Crystal.
Other colors that can be made available with special requests: Orange, White, Teal, Purple, Yellow
Minor trimming might be needed in rare cases for that exact fit.
Please see our other ads and 3D-GEM for more fun parts.

Printed in the USA by an American company.

Custom GEM designed from scratch.


As 3D printing is a different manufacturing method, these are NOT an exact injection molded parts, but a very close design and the resulting part is very nice quality with minimal variation. If you require OEM parts, other sources should be checked.

Parts like these are typically in stock or will be available shortly with reduced processing time.


This part is not in anyway affiliated with the other manufacturer(s) mentioned and is no way one of their products.

X-MAXX Body savers (6)pcs Body contoured shape

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