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GEM Custom Designed Non Marring tips for various Porter Cable Pneumatic tools.

Why settle for another design that mimics the OEM that is produced using a different manufacturing method? Use 3D printing to take it to the next level!!!
And that's exactly what we did. Improvements have been made that reflect the abilities of 3d printing and not just a simple duplication.
Parts have additional material on the working surface and a built compression zone to better hold onto the pneumatic gun trigger point.
Installation is the same, put the nose piece on, and squeeze the sides to set and forget about it. See ad pictures for specifics.
Parts have been improved over the OEM design to clamp harder, and a thicker working surface.
Non-Marring Tips (Multiple Colors for safety and quick identification)
3D Printer from TPU. (Other ad advertise "Rubber" which is incorrect. or PLA/ABS which will damage wood.)
Qty. (4) per set High quality, Non Marring replacement tips.
Durable Thermal Polyurethane (TPU) filament in multiple colors that performs better than OEM. 
Make a nail or staple size coordinate with colors to save time checking different tools. 
Yellow = Short Nails
Orange = Medium Nails
Red = Long Nails
Green = Staples
Blue = 2" Brad Nails..., etc. 
Put a different colored tip to identify YOUR equipment when on a job site.
Or just use Blue, Green, or Black on everything!!!
MultiColor - We pick colors for you. This may include unadvertised colors.
If a desired color is out of stock, please message and we will have it back on shortly.
*Others choose PLA or ABS which will dent and mar a surface easier than TPU when the nailer cycles. Typically used by inexperienced 3D printers.
*Others claim to 3D print rubber like the OEM which is not correct for TPU.
Designed with thicknesses and rounded edges to aid in quick alignment during operation and longevity.
Drop in replacement for Porter Cable P/N 894742.
Can be used on:
BN200SB - 18 ga. brad nails 5/8" to 2" long.
FN250SB - 16 ga. finish nails 1" to 2-1/2" long.
No Nailers, Staplers or other equipment are included in this ad. They are shown for reference installations only.
Colors are subject to mild variation due to screen color calibrations and supply.
3D Designed, Printed, and Manufactured in the USA.
This is a fully engineered design by GE Manufacturing Inc. to provide similar or improve features and performance were possible.
Shipping is typically shorter than the ad posted time, but some allowance may be needed.
Please let us know if anything can be improved to ensure 100% positive ratings.
This is no way a product or affiliated with any other manufacturers other than GEM.

GEM "Porter Cable" Non Mar Nailer Nose Cushion / Bumper 894742 - (4)

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