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** This if for a digital file to be emailed to you after purchase and print on your own.**

Do not order more than qty. 1 unless you are trying to donate to GEM's R&D department and launch more products. In that case, please order in increments of 1,000.


Commonly found turn signal "Bearing" for the turn signals. This is 1 of 2 different known designs. Print as needed, and scale up/down depending on your printer calibration.

We've had success with ASA materials at 100% infill.

Replacement for P/N 81219-14040


**This has also been posted for free on the Celica Supra Facebook page in the files section.**

DIGITAL FILE Celica Supra Turn Signal "Bearing"

SKU: 01-01001
  • Solid model file for you to print your own. Printer and Slicing setting are up to you to calibrate and scale as needed.

    No supports needed.

    Print with minimum of 3 shells with 0.15 to 0.25 resolution.

    We recommend printing at least 2 at a time for part cooling. 

    Put the parts close enough with a brim that touches to help aid bed adhesion.

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