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3D printed Celica and Celica Supra defrost dash vents.

Difficult to find.

After 30+ years of sun, humidity changes, and hot/cold weather, your dash vents have either cracked already or will crumble if moved at all. These are freshly printed parts and not ones that were molded 10+ year ago which have already started to degrade.
These parts are not being manufactured nor supported anymore by the OEM.
Custom GEM design. These are designed from scratch to represent the version as close to the originals as possible.

These are UV resin printed, then primed and painted with shown colors. The paint shows good color while protecting the UV resin from additional exposure once installed.


"Fits" A60, RA61, MA61, MA67 versions and possibly others. Please check your application. Should fit 1982, 1983,1984, 1985 and early 1986 models.
As 3D printing is a different manufacturing method, these are NOT an exact injection molded parts, but a very close design and the resulting part is very nice quality with minimal variation. If you require OEM parts, other sources should be checked.

Does NOT include the metal clips for installation.
Numerous sets have been installed over the years with great success starting on the CS forums.
If your dash is warped and out of original dimensions as most all of the cars are at this point, larger gaps may show on any or all of the sides or fitment can be tight. Please take this into account prior to ordering and your expectations of the parts.


82 83 84 85 vents Celica Supra - (Pair) hard find

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